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"On working with Rosie Hosking, my entire world of singing expanded exponentially. Rosie really is a wealth of knowledge and by developing from technical based work she increased my competency in producing a unique, while versatile sound that is truthfully my own.

From this, I was able to hit the ground running when I began my studies at WAAPA by already having a strong foundation of technique. Even throughout my time at this world-class institute, I still found myself utilising what I had learnt with Rosie. Now as a graduate and working professionally, I constantly find myself working alongside the many principles Rosie helped me learn and know that my stamina and vocal health are thanks to her. 


Anyone considering learning from Rosie should jump on the opportunity. Her lessons are full of passion and are catered so well for the needs of her students. Her investment in and love for her craft is so palpable, anyone involved with her lessons will undoubtedly walk away feeling inspired and more in tune with their personal instrument.”


American in Paris (GWB Entertainment), Chicago (John Frost), West Side Story (Opera Australia), The Boy from Oz, Oklahoma & Curtains (The Production Company)

Graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), 2015


"Rosie supported me before my first studio sessions as a solo vocalist and her guidance was absolutely invaluable to me. Beyond being incredibly skilled and knowledgeable/Estill trained, she is such an effective communicator and is able to tailor her teaching style to you. She picked up my learning style/skill level/comfort really quickly and it massively streamlined my learning. I can't believe we were able to achieve so much in so little time. I would recommend Rosie to every vocalist, singer, actor, and performer I know. She has such a depth and breadth of knowledge to share, and the experience I had with her was incredibly impactful to my craft as both an actor and a vocalist.  She is one of the most effective teachers in Adelaide. I wish I'd seen her sooner. I can't wait to do more sessions with her."



Credits include TV guest roles in ABC/Netflix's The Letdown and Why Are You Like This?, SBS's The Hunting, and Channel 9's Metrosexual. She co-won Best Female Actor at Tropfest in 2019 and was nominated for Best Performance at Stellar Film Festival and Best Actress at the South Australian Screen Awards for her work in Leela Varghese's Crush. She was a 2019 Raw Comedy State Finalist with her musical comedy band, Coconuts

"Rosie Hosking’s passion for the voice is infectious. Every time I have a lesson with her, I will come away not only having learnt more about my instrument, but feeling more inspired than when I walked in. Rosie effortlessly creates a safe and positive environment for her lessons. Her knowledge of vocal anatomy and encouraging nature make it easy to entrust your voice to her.

I first began learning with Rosie in 2013 before travelling to Brisbane to study a Bachelor of Musical Theatre. Now a professional performer based in Melbourne, I still call Rosie for advice and guidance. Something positive that has come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is that I have travelled back to Adelaide and had the opportunity to have a few lessons again. Rosie continues to blow my mind with ways to fine tune and understand my voice.

If you are looking to improve your vocal craft, Rosie Hosking is your woman! The lessons I have learned from her have served me constantly and I know they will continue to do so throughout my career. Thank you Rosie."

“Rosie’s knowledge of vocal anatomy and technique is incredible, and her wisdom continues to help me in my performing and my everyday life! I am currently studying a Bachelor of Musical Theatre at Griffith University’s Queensland Conservatorium, and am pursuing a professional career in the industry, so my vocal health is extremely important to me. 

I am so grateful for Rosie’s invaluable guidance on how to care for my instrument. Her wisdom has helped me to understand how my voice works and what I can do to maintain good vocal health, to make sure that I can perform at my best; now, and for many years to come!


Rosie is passionate, knowledgeable and her joyful, fun nature is contagious! I highly recommend Rosie as vocal coach for anyone whose speaking or singing voice is important to their everyday life…so that’s everyone!"


Pirates of Penzance (State Opera of South Australia) - Graduate of the Bachelor of Musical Theatre at Griffiths University's Queensland Conservatorium


The Pirates of Penzance (State Opera South Australia), The 7 Sopranos: Songs from Stage and Screen, Don Giovanni & Il Viaggio a Reims (Opera Australia), The Beautiful Game (Manilla Street Productions), Treasure Hunt! (Perform Education), and Aurora - Sleeping Beauty (Tivoli). Graduate of the Bachelor of Musical Theatre at Griffiths University's Queensland Conservatorium

On working with Rosie on the Adelaide College of the Arts (ACArts) production of the musical "Summer Rain" by Nick Enright and Terrence Clarke....

"Central to the success of the production and also to the joy which surrounded so much of creating the project was the energy, ideas, warm inspiration and generosity of spirit from Rosie Hosking. Rosie worked on the project as head singing and voice coach and over the course of rehearsals was able to transform the Ensemble of young actor/singers. Rosie has a lovely balance of teaching through strong technique and rigorous exploration and at the same time has an encouraging and nurturing way about how she works – as part of the team and with her work one-on-one with the students.

I remember well that an hour before the production she was still working with one of the lead cast on a number that had been a real challenge – Rosie’s care and commitment were and are evident to all she works with.

I have wonderful memories of working with Rosie and would recommend her for any job that she is being considered for. She is an outstanding teacher and a loved member of any group she works with."


Award-winning Director

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