Performer | Educator | Workshop Presenter
Singing & Voice Teacher
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Rosie Hosking is a highly respected performer and singing/voice teacher based in Adelaide, Australia. 

She is a talented, passionate and creative teacher with a reputation for getting results. Her skills are in high demand with Rosie being regularly invited to present her informative and engaging workshops on vocal health and technique, join production teams as their Vocal Director/Consultant, as well as running her busy and popular private voice studio.

Rosie has advanced knowledge and understanding of vocal anatomy and physiology. She also possesses a strong ability

to connect, communicate and instruct others in voice and singing technique...in a way that's easy to understand and fun!


She has a proven track record of cross-training and diversifying vocalists across different vocal styles, built on a foundation of healthy voicing and sustainability.

With her strong focus on building knowledge and developing useful problem-solving skills, Rosie's students feel empowered, confident in their abilities and equipped to face the demands of a singing life! 

Joe Meldrum

Working with Rosie expanded my singing world exponentially. Her lessons are full of passion and you will walk away feeling inspired and more in tune with your instrument.

Emma Kavanagh

I am so grateful for Rosie's invaluable guidance. She has helped me understand how my voice works. She is passionate, knowledgable and her joyful, fun nature is contagious.

David Mealor

Rosie has a lovely balance of teaching through strong technique and rigorous exploration and at the same time has an encouraging and nurturing way about how she works.